How to Follow Up in MLM?

The fortune is in the follow up!

Why Follow Up?

Up to this point, you have already done a great job!

You have done your prospecting, inviting and presentation.

You are almost there. Make sure you follow up with them professionally because they haven't enrolled yet.

You can see the funnel showing the process of enrolling your prospects.

The MORE YOU PROSPECT, the more invites you will have. The more presentations you have, the more people you follow up. The more people you follow up, the MORE ENROLMENT you will have.

Fortune is in the Follow Up

If your prospects sign up immediately right after the presentation, congratulations!

However, not all prospects sign up on-the-spot. The information you showed to him may be too much to process so he needs time to digest all those.

If you don't follow up, you may lose your potential prospect. It may take an average of 4-6 FOLLOW UP or exposures before he will decide.

How to Follow Up Without Being Pushy
Professional Tip

One professional technique Top Earners use to follow up is to prepare the prospect that you are going to follow up with them.

A good follow up shows your sincerity in helping your prospect in making a well-informed decision. And it shows how committed you are in doing your business.

Make sure you follow up within 24-48 hours.

After your presentation, if they do not sign up on the spot, do not forget to tell them:

When you are able to do this, and they agreed, they have given you the authority to follow up them without you bothering them.

Make sure you call them BEFORE the date you both agreed because people can get busy and can overlooked their schedule.

Follow Up Scripts that Works

Setting Expectations

Not all will say "Yes". At least not this time. It may take 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year. Make sure you don't break your connection. Keep the relationship. The common mistakes of other distributors is that they won't communicate with their prospects after their prospects said No. This is a BIG mistake.

Maybe it is not yet time. If you don't follow up with them, someone will sponsor them.

Move on but don't break your relationship but don't focus on them.