How to Handle Objections in MLM?

Objection means your prospect is listening!

Objections as Hurdles

Prospects have doubts, and it is normal. If not clarified, it will serve as a hurdle.

Effective objection handling is like helping your prospects get pass thru the hurdle.

The better you are at handling objections and the better you are at teaching your downlines how to overcome objections, the faster your organization will grow.

It is imperative that you are equipped in order to handle the objection gracefully without tension.

Welcome Objections, It's Normal!

Handling or overcoming objections is one of the most important skills that you need to master here in network marketing.

When people have objections, welcome them and handle them professionally. When they object, that means they are listening. If they don't have any objections, it may mean they are not interested.

Usually when they don't object and don't join, maybe they just want to get rid of you. Let go, find your next prospect. SW4, NEXT!

3 Types of Prospects

There are 3 types of Prospects in Network Marketing:

  1. Informed
  2. Uninformed
  3. Misinformed

Most people fall in the 3rd type.

They are skeptical to network marketing because they have the wrong information. It is your job to educate them and feed them with the right information.

They may have bad experiences or have heard bad experiences from other people who failed in network marketing.

The problem is that they consult the wrong people. They consult people who did not make it in network marketing.

Objection is an Opportunity
Professional Tip

Always remember that an objection is an opportunity to give better discussion.
These objections mostly are not directly to the business opportunity you offer them but it is about them.
Be professional in handling objections. Do not be defensive. Do not argue.
The only way to master handling objections is to encounter many objections.

Objection Classification

Objections are DOUBTS that must be clarified. If not clarified, your prospects will never sign up or join you.

These DOUBTS are classified into four (4):

  4. SELF

If these are also your objections, FIND WAYS to CLEAR your DOUBTS.

If you are not able to answer and clear these yourself, you will have a hard-time succeeding in MLM!

Resolve these internal objections either by yourself or with the help of your trusted upline.

Develop your BELIEFS on the company, product, industry and most-importantly, yourself.

Handling Objection Scripts that Works

Be Emotionally-Bulletproof

All successful MLM leaders and any other entrepreneurs have encountered objections and rejections.

You need to know that our business is about people business. You will be facing and meeting people. First, your family and friends, then the other new people you meet. Even for those people close to you, you may experience some objections and a bit of rejection.

However, you need to understand that it is part of the business.

What you can do is to try to learn how to separate control your emotions when you are rejected.