How to Invite in MLM?

Inviting, the #1 Skill to Master!

Before Inviting

Before you invite, you must have your list of prospects.

Once you have your list on hand, you classify them as who you would prioritize. Select the prospects that you are comfortable with. Your Warm Prospects.

Since you know your warm prospects, you roughly know what they need.

  1. Do they need your product?
  2. Do they need your business?
  3. Or both?

Things to Remember
  1. Look for people who wanted to improve their lives.
  2. Believe that you can help them with your product or business.
  3. The more you invite to look at your business, the more you succeed.
  4. You will encounter rejections, but it is normal, get used to it.
  5. Remember, when they say no, that doesn't mean no forever, they are not ready yet.
  6. It is you who have an amazing opportunity for them. If they reject you, they are not rejecting you, they are rejecting the opportunity. It is you who has to offer to them, if they say no, it is their loss, not yours!
  7. The only way to MASTER inviting is to DO IT

Different Inviting Approaches

Learn how to apply the different inviting approaches:

  1. Direct Approach
  2. Indirect Approach
  3. 3rd-Party Approach

What's next?

Once your prospect say YES, confirm the schedule. Follow up so he won't forget.

If your prospect say NO, invite the next person on your list.